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Janitorial/Chemical Proportioning Systems
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Chemical Proportioning Systems

MX Solution Center

A rugged wall-mounted system holding four concentrated bottles of chemical behind locked doors. The windows in the doors allow for sight of the product levels of each product concentrate taking the guesswork out of when to change the products. A dial-4 selector for both mop bucket fill and spray bottle fill. Built-in flow regulator makes dilutions accurate within a wide variety of water system pressures. The snap-out valve assembly makes tool-less service easy without the need to remove the cabinet from the wall. A.S.S.E. approved backflow preventors. Tubing and water connection hose comes pre-plumbed making the cabinet ready to hang right out of the box. Includes generic product identification labels.

MX Plus

The MX Plus family of dispensers are the most field serviceable and adaptable in the industry. Available in an assortment of configurations centered around one, two, and three engine cabinet designs to provide an ample selection of products for most any application. The large buttons are easy to operate and can be locked into the on position by simply engaging the catch. Another push releases the button and stops the flow. The dial-4 selector has a tactile click for each selection of product. Spray bottles can be filled using one hand by pushing the bottle against the actuator bar.

MX Hospitality

Knight understands the cost sensitive nature of the proportioning market, and the important part that a dispenser plays in delivering the correct amount of chemical. Knight has designed an elegantly simplistic proportioner that delivers chemical accurately and at an economical price. This compact, durable dispenser is designed with minimal number of parts, making servicing and operation simple.


Wire Racks

The KP1H Wire Rack System provides many useful features for a clean, safe, secure, and professional installation. This economical system features an optional Dispenser Top that snaps into place and accepts any combination of KP1H Proportioners to service any chemical proportioning application.

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Foam, Rinse, and Sanitize Systems

Sani Clean III

This two product plus fresh water rinse dispenser accurately mixes any detergent or sanitizer at your chosen dilution ratio to produce a foaming or non-foaming cleaning solution.