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MX Plus
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MX Plus Product MX Plus Product MX Plus Product


  • One hand bottle fill
  • Large, ergonomic buttons
  • Easy slide lock and release catch for buttons
  • Built-in Flow-Control technology for accurate dilution in varying water pressures
  • Snap On/Off cover
  • Included tip kit and poly tubing, foot valves and product labels
  • Optional compression, John Guest, or barb fittings available

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Sell Sheet
Instruction Manual
MX Plus Product The MX Plus family of dispensers are the most field serviceable and adaptable in the industry. Available in an assortment of configurations centered around one, two, and three engine cabinet designs to provide an ample selection of products for most any application. The large buttons are easy to operate and can be locked into the on position by simply engaging the catch. Another push releases the button and stops the flow. The dial-4 selector has a tactile click for each selection of product. Spray bottles can be filled using one hand by pushing the bottle against the actuator bar.
MX Plus
Part No. Part No. Description
Flex-Gap Aire-Gap 1 Engine Cabinet
7866101-F 7866101-A MX Plus, 1 Product Bottle Fill @ 1gpm
7866104-F 7866104-A MX Plus, 1 Product Bucket Fill @ 4gpm
7866401-F 7866401-A MX Plus, Dial-4 Product Bottle Fill @ 1gpm
7866404-F 7866404-A MX Plus, Dial-4 Product Bucket Fill @ 4gpm
Flex-Gap Aire-Gap 2 Engine Cabinet
7866501-F 7866501-A MX Plus, 5 Product, Dial-4 (1gpm) & 1 Product Bucket Fill @ 4gpm
7866802-F 7866802-A MX Plus, 8 Product, Dial-4 (1gpm) & Dial-4 (4gpm)
7866201-F 7866201-A MX Plus, 2 Product, 2 each Bucket Fills @ 4gpm
7866205-F 7866205-A MX Plus, 2 Product, 1 each Bottle Fill @ 1gpm & 1 each Bucket Fill @ 4gpm
Flex-Gap Aire-Gap 3 Engine Cabinet
7866304-F 7866304-A MX Plus, 3 Product, 3 each Bucket Fills @ 4gpm
7866305-F 7866305-A MX Plus, 3 Product, 2 each Bucket Fills @ 4gpm & 1 each Bottle Fill @ 1gpm
7866605-F 7866605-A MX Plus, 6 Product, 2 each Bucket Fills @ 4gpm & 1 each Bottle Fill @ 1gpm
Flex-Gap Aire-Gap SinkMate Plus (stainless steel cover)
7866102-F 7866102-A 1 Product Cabinet @ 4gpm
7866202-F 7866202-A 2 Product Cabinet @ 4gpm

*Add “E” to end of part number to receive European version which substitutes a BSP hose thread connection.