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Wire Rack
Wire Rack for KP1H Proportioners

The KP1H Wire Rack System provides many useful features for a clean, safe, secure, and professional installation. This economical system features an optional Dispenser Top that snaps into place and accepts any combination of KP1H Proportioners to service any chemical proportioning application.

  • Vertical bar provides an effective tube guide for chemical lines centered over bottle openings. Tube Guides provide a neat and clean installation.
  • Tube Ring holds bucket fill hose or neatly bundles chemical lines.
  • 4 Vertical connectors provide mounting for dispenser top.
  • Bottom steel bar provides mounting holes for optional Drip Tray.
  • Locking clasp provides strength and security.

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1 Product Rack

4 Product Rack

1 Product Rack
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4 Product Rack
Side View
Locking KP1H Wire Rack - Must Select KP1H Proportioner



Locking Wire Rack for One-One Gallon Bottle.

6.75"W x 7.25"D x 12"H

17.1cm x 18.4cm x 30.4cm

4 lbs.

1.8 kg

- 7225919 Wire Rack, top only with mounting hardware

7.53"W x 5.6 "D x 12.18 "H

14.6cm x 15cm x 28.6cm

1 lb.

.45 kg



Locking Wire Rack for Four-One Gallon Bottles.

25.5"W x 7.25"D x 12"H

64.7cm x 18.4cm x 30.4cm

8 lbs.

3.6 kg

DA-4 7600276 Drip Tray For 4 Product Rack. - -
DA-1 7600277 Drip Tray For 1 Product Rack. - -