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Laundry Chemical Feed Systems
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Top Load Laundry

One Shot

The One-Shot™ chemical dispensing system is engineered to dispense one or two chemicals into laundry machines from 17 lb. to 125 lb. capacity. Chemical feed is triggered by direct interface to the washer or manually activated by the user via the dispenser or optional remote activator. A unique "Product Lockout" feature helps you control costs and product consumption.

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On-Premise Laundry / Dry Cleaning

On-Premise Pro Series

The On-Premise Pro is a versatile unit that has multiple programming options depending on the type of laundry controller that is chosen for the unit. The On-Premise Pro utilizes the same main control and pump housing for the three available models: OP Pro Relay, OP Pro, and the OP Pro Global. The On-Premise Pro uses well proven components and familiar technology in a chemical dispensing unit that is now designed to be more serviceable, interchangeable, versatile, and modular. It has never been easier to choose a dispenser that fits your needs.


On-Premise Series

The On-Premise Plus with its operator friendly eight-formula remote control, provides unparalleled flexibility and economy. With a choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pump dispensers.

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Industrial Laundry - Single Washer

Knight-trak II

The Knight-Trak II combines various sizes of Knight reliable peristaltic pumps with the Knight-Trak II electronics to create a total system for any On-Premise, Commercial or Industrial Laundry application. The system comes with an SIB (Signal Input Board) which converts high voltage supply signals from the washer to a low voltage data transmission and connects to the Laundry Formula Programmer (LFP). Knight-Trak's compact LFP fits into the palm of your hand for easy calibration and mounts to the front of the washer for easy formula selection. Combine Knight-Trak II with the optional Reporter Software Reporter Software and get meaningful laundry reports that can maximize overall efficiency and save chemical, labor and energy cost.

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Industrial Laundry - Multi Washer

OP Elite

The On-Premise Elite sets the new standard for laundry chemical dosing systems by which all others will be measured! Innovative 'smart' dosing made possible by our precision flow meter technology, single or multiple washer (x4) dosing and advanced controls are designed to improve your profitability while producing visibly cleaner linen for your customer. Priced to compete with other small laundry dosing equipment, the On Premise Elite is loaded with meaningful new features that can set you apart from your competition.


Chem-trak Jr.

Chem-Trak Jr is an advanced yet simple chemical dispensing system designed to service up to four washers with capacities up to 250 lbs (114 kg). Washers are accurately and automatically dosed with up to eight chemicals through a single chemical and water flush line at flow rates up to 36 oz/min (1065 mL/min). A central microprocessor control receives each chemical request from the washers and reliably manages the specific chemical volume delivered to the load.


Chem-trak Jr. EDP

The Chem-Trak Jr. with Electric Diaphragm Pumps (EDP) is an advanced chemical dispensing system designed to service up to four washers with capacities of over 800 lbs.(362 kgs.). This field proven electric pump is designed to inject laundry chemistries at higher flow rates than traditional peristaltic pumps without the need for scheduled squeeze tube replacements. These highly reliable pumps are available with Santoprene/EPDM or Santoprene/Viton wetted materials for a wide range of laundry chemicals. Faster more reliable injections will improve laundering results giving your chemicals more time to work in the wash cycle while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

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Tunnel Washer

Tunnel Express

Chem-Trak Tunnel Express is the ultimate in modularity, allowing versatile configurations to fit your laundry tunnel. With the ability to add various pumps, valves, and other accessories, Chem-Trak Tunnel Express ensures consistent wash quality and predictable costs in any plant.

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Data Management


The Knight Reporter Software is an easy to use point and click software program for your PC or laptop computer that allows you to take advantage of all Knight-Trak II's detailed reporting functions either on-site or at a remote location. Reporter also provides "Real-Time" graphical interface view of up-to-the-minute activity on the wash aisle. Animated washer graphics display current loads in the washers, cycle time of the load, chemical injection status and more.

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Low Level Alarm

OP Elite Low Level Alarm

The OP Elite LLA is designed to reliably monitor supply levels of your liquid chemistry and signal when your chemical is low. With the ability to independently monitor up to 10 chemicals and supply up to three dispensers, the low level alarm not only ensures your chemical is always supplied to multiple dispensing equipment, but also gives a professional appearance to the set up and installation. The OP Elite LLA can be operated as a stand alone unit or work in conjunction with other Knight dispensers.