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Food & Beverage Chemical Application
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Chemical Control System

Control Guard ACCS

The Control Guard ACCS (Advanced Chemical Concentration System) is designed with ease of setup and use in mind. By utilizing flow meter technology, the ACCS measures high concentrations of caustic, acid, rinse water or other liquids with an extremely high degree of accuracy (+/- 2%) thereby ensuring precise chemical feed control. The Control Guard offers multiple 4-20 mA analog inputs which provide the flexibility of being utilized by any “Off the Shelf” probe whether it is pH, ORP, conductivity or other analytical measurements from a variety of popular manufacturers (Rosemount, Sensorex, etc.). These features can be maximized by employing the Control Guard’s distinctive data logging and reporting capabilities.


Control Guard FCS

Whether feeding caustic, acid or other conductive liquids to a process, this capable controller does it with ease and accuracy. Compared with other concentration controllers, the ControlGuard FCS is a breeze to program and maintain. Its optional secondary pump and pump controls make it well suited for two point / two chemical injection applications such as eggwash, bottle wash, can wash, and other industrial spray wash applications. ControlGuard FCS can be operated as a probe based dispenser or feed chemicals based on programmed daily/hourly events, repeat cycle times or discreet signal inputs from PLCs, motor contactors or manual push button.


Edge Jr.

The Edge Jr. is a full featured automatic chemical allocation and data logging system designed for small food & beverage plants where chemicals are dispensed from drums. The Edge Jr. system completely automate the dispensing of chemicals and record critical usage data.


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Chemical Metering Pumps


The PMP Series Peristaltic Metering Pump provides chemical control for food processing plants, cooling towers, spray washers, bottling plants, grease traps, sewage treatment, conveyor lubrication, boilers, and more. The peristaltic pump uses the rotation of an elliptical block to cause a vacuum and rapid self priming. The pump is mounted on a stainless steel watertight case that is designed to withstand the harsh environments of industrial applications.



The PMP Plus Series is Knight's newest line of variable speed metering pumps built on the industry's most reliable and consistent platform. The high performance chemical metering system is designed to offer a wide array of flow rates and multi-functional controls to meet your pumping application needs. With the choice of peristaltic or electric diaphragm metering pumps, the PMP Plus offers the versatility to dispense a variety of process fluids or chemicals for food & beverage cleaning and sanitation, dairy farms, industrial process, and large laundry.


Clean Guard

CleanGuard chemical pump is Knight's newest addition to Knight's line of extensive pumps. The CleanGuard is an electric diaphragm pump with flow rate of .4 or 1.5 or 3.2 gal/min. (1.5 or 5.7 or 12 liters/min.). CleanGuard's continuous duty rated motor can run on 115 VAC to 24 VAC power supply eliminating the need for expensive electrical installation cost.


Uniflow Air Pumps & Controls

"AODD pumps are engineered for aggressive chemicals and high duty cycle applications."
Knight’s Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump is the engine that drives an entire range of new chemical management solutions for the Food Chain Hygiene, Laundry, and Industrial markets.

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Foaminng Systems

Mobile & Wall Foamer

FoamClean is designed to reliably produce consistent and controllable foam quality through the use of premixed foam cleaning chemicals. The FoamClean Mobile and Wall Mount Foamer dispenses a rich lather of foam at 50 gal/min (foam) [190 lit/min (foam)] with a projection distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters).The Mobile FoamClean™ system was designed to go with you from one cleaning station to another. Simply fill the tank with premixed chemical, connect the system to an air supply line and the FoamClean™ system is ready to be used.


Sani-Clean III

This two product plus fresh water rinse dispenser accurately mixes any detergent or sanitizer at your chosen dilution ratio to produce a foaming or non-foaming cleaning solution.

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Grease Traps, Drains, and Odor Control


Pro-Watch is a microprocessor based chemical dispensing system for grease traps, drains, and odor control. This easy-to-use system stores up to 20 dispensing events per day, programmable by day, minutes or seconds. With an addition of the Misting Kit, Pro-Watch becomes an advanced chemical spray system designed to spray deodorizing or sanitizing mist in a variety of applications such as trash compactors, roll-a-way garbage bins and other trash depositories.


Pro-Watch Misting

The Pro-Watch Misting System is engineered to dispense Odor Counteragents, Enzymes and other odor control chemicals through a misting spray nozzle. This system is perfect for roll away bins, trash compactors and other garbage and cardboard repositories that produce noxious odors that can offend customers and residential neighbors.

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Conveyvor Lubrication