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Dairy Farm Cleaning & Sanitaion Systems
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Cleaning & Sanitation Systems

Dairy-Chem Plus

The KNIGHT Dairy-Chem Plus teat dip blending systems are designed to produce factory quality dairy farm hygiene chemistries in real time as they are consumed by the dairy farm. This simple yet sophisticated system relies on advanced patent pending flow metering and embedded control software technology to produce consistent high quality teat dips from concentrate. The Dairy-Chem Plus can produce a variety of dairy cow udder treatment solutions including Iodine, Chlorine Dioxide and Chlor Hexidine tailor made to current farm conditions. Dairy Chem Plus’s valuable reporting tools gather useful data to better monitor parlor procedures, track usage, and assure optimal utter hygiene.

Teat Dip Chemical

Single Pump-The Knight Dairy-Chem single pump teat dip dispenser offers two efficient models - DC-I and DC-IS. The standard DC-I model is powered by compressed air and plumbs directly to an onsite air supply line. The DC-IS model comes with an air solenoid valve and a 24VAC transformer. When connected to a teat dip vacuum switch, this system can power-on and power-off with vacuum from the pipeline.Double Pump-The dual pump system is capable of dispensing teat dip products to two areas in the milking parlor or it can also be employed as a redundant system with built-in "backup" pump that guarantees 100% uptime performance.


Spray Guard

Knight’s new SprayGuard electric operated teat dip pump satisfies all the needs of today's traditional and high production milking parlors. SprayGuard is geared and designed to maintain consistent spray pressure, while reducing over all cost of ownership. Several innovative features including the industries only 24VAC pump eliminates the added expense of electrical conduit and lengthy installations.



The PMP Series Peristaltic Metering Pump provides chemical control for food processing plants, cooling towers, spray washers, bottling plants, grease traps, sewage treatment, conveyor lubrication, boilers, and more. The peristaltic pump uses the rotation of an elliptical block to cause a vacuum and rapid self priming. The pump is mounted on a stainless steel watertight case that is designed to withstand the harsh environments of industrial applications.



The PMP Plus Series is Knight's newest line of variable speed metering pumps built on the
industry's most reliable and consistent platform. The high performance chemical metering
system is designed to offer a wide array of flow rates and multi-functional controls to meet your
pumping application needs. With the choice of peristaltic or electric diaphragm metering
pumps, the PMP Plus offers the versatility to dispense a variety of process fluids or chemicals for
food & beverage cleaning and sanitation, dairy farms, industrial process, and large laundry.



Clean Guard

CleanGuard chemical pump is Knight's newest addition to Knight's line of extensive pumps. The CleanGuard is an electric diaphragm pump with flow rate of .4 or 1.5 or 3.2 gal/min. (1.5 or 5.7 or 12 liters/min.). CleanGuard's continuous duty rated motor can run on 115 VAC to 24 VAC power supply eliminating the need for expensive electrical installation cost.



The IPLC, Industrial Programmable Logic Control, has menu-driven timing board for custom programs, and operates in either cycle timer or sequential mode. One menu-controls up to six devices, and enables "smart" hoof bath and pen wash. The IPLC enables PLC-type control, but is easy to use.


Parlor Guard

Injecting a sanitizer solution into the parlor rinse water is an excellent way to fight environmental mastitis. The ParlorGuard's no-voltage flow switch plumbs directly in line with the hot or cold water line leading to the parlor and automatically signals the diaphragm metering pump to inject sanitizer into the water line at the precise concentration as needed.Sanitize milking gloves, manual back flush milker units, and any other milk contact surface that you want to kill mastitis causing bacteria.


Uniflow Air Pumps & Controls

Knight’s Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump is the engine that drives an entire range of new chemical management solutions for the Food Chain Hygiene, Laundry, and Industrial markets. In combination with the Liquidtrol, the AODD pumps becomes a cost-effective chemical control system with accurate liquid dispensing for food & beverage, dairy, laundry, and industrial applications

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Foaminng Systems

Mobile & Wall Foamer

FoamClean is designed to reliably produce consistent and controllable foam quality through the use of premixed foam cleaning chemicals. The FoamClean Mobile and Wall Mount Foamer dispenses a rich lather of foam at 50 gal/min (foam) [190 lit/min (foam)] with a projection distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters)

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Top Load Laundry


The One-Shot™ chemical dispensing system is engineered to dispense one or two chemicals into laundry machines from 17 lb. to 125 lb. capacity. Chemical feed is triggered by direct interface to the washer or manually activated by the user via the dispenser or optional remote activator. A unique "Product Lockout" feature helps you control costs and product consumption.